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Video: A Page Break with Eliot Parker

This week Grace Jones and I had the pleasure of chatting with reader, author, maestro and all-around gentleman sweetheart Eliot Parker about My Cat's Guide to Online Dating, body dysmorphia in the gay community and much more. Check out the video below!

Eliot also loved Cat's Guide, having this to say in his review:

5 Stars! This was a fantastic book! There are moments where I laughed, moments where I was sad, and moments where I wondered what exactly would happen. These are the types of the books I love! Zach is a great character who experienced his share of heartbreaks as well as meaningless hookups before eventually finding Mr. Right. More importantly, his cat, Gracie Jones, is right there to "provide" him the point of view that will help him overcome the obstacles he faces. This book was so unique and well-written. I loved it and I think you will, too!

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