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Purraise for My Cat's Guide to Online Dating

Hey! We got some reviews! And some of them are really nice!

Huge thanks to critics and fellow authors who are purring online about MY CAT'S GUIDE TO ONLINE DATING!

5-STARS "You’re going to absolutely love this story from start to finish. Come for the great premise and well-written blurb, but stay to the finish because of the overall excellence of the story."

5-STARS "A mix of the extraordinary and the courageous. I read the final words on the page, closed my iPad, and simply said “Wow” to the empty room."

"Well worth your money and time if you like something different and offbeat. I can just about guarantee you’ll enjoy it. Highly, highly recommended."

“Sits somewhere between Gregg Araki for the Grindr generation and what might happen if Dennis Cooper wrote a romcom. Filthy, surreal and darkly funny, you’re in for a ride."

Matthew Bright, author of The Library of Lost Things

“One of the most unique books I’ve read – by turns frightening, hilarious, bizarre, and very, very erotic."

Rob Byrnes, author of Straight Lies and The Night We Met

“Baines renders the reader complicit with the voracious appetites of his hero Zach and his familiar, Grace Jones. And, at the novel’s heart, there beats a steadily mounting horror. Eat this one up!”

James K. Moran, author of Fear Itself and Town & Train

"A wild ride. Dark, disturbing, and that's just the cat."

'Nathan Burgoine, author of Exit Plans for Teenage Freaks

"A supremely dark and gutsy read. Ever so spicy and not for the faint of heart, this horror show of dating comes to life in full, satirical technicolor and simply won't let you go until it's done with you."

L. E. Daniels, author of Serpent's Wake: A Tale for the Bitten

"I finished the book incredibly quickly, and my mind still keeps wandering back toward it. Thoroughly recommended for those who like sinister cats, inventive writing, and dark humour – this really is a story you won't read anywhere else."

Redfern Jon Barrett, author of Proud Pink Sky

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