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PRE-ORDER NOW! Tears in Time

Hey Amazonians! Just a quick heads up that TEARS IN TIME is now available for you to pre-order now for Kindle. You'll have it on your device or app TOMORROW May 15, with paperback releasing the same day. Non-Amazon physical copies take a little longer to approve, but they are coming and can be ordered through your favourite independent bookstore soon after the May 15 release day. If you're a non-'zon ebook reader, don't stress! A wide epub release is coming in August.

Tears in Time in paperback and electronic formats. Text saying now available.

Also, for a limited time, TEARS IN TIME will join THE BEAST WITHOUT on Kindle Unlimited!

But that's not all. If you're in the UK and have not yet picked up THE BEAST WITHOUT, May 15 is a great day to start a new MM paranormal series, as Beast be available for just 99p for Kindle on Amazon UK. Again, my darklings, this is for one week only, so step on it or prod your UK friends (politely, remember, they're British) to one-click now!

Wishing you all a smashing pre-Pride season full of great reads, including TEARS IN TIME.

The Beast Without in paperback and electronic formats. Text saying now available.

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