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Wo Sie Christian persönlich oder anderswo online finden können.

Ottawa, Ontario, 14.-16. Oktober

Can*Con 2022

Die Can*Con kehrt 2022 persönlich zurück, auch mit virtuellen Angeboten. Nehmen Sie an Ottawas Konferenz über kanadische Inhalte in spekulativer Literatur teil und feiern Sie die Vielfalt und die kanadische Vorstellungskraft.

September 4 to 7, 2024

GayRomLit Retreat 2024

Embassy Suites by Hilton, Olathe (Kansas City), KS

The GayRomLit Retreat (GRL Retreat) is a must-attend event for all who enjoy crafting, reading, and publishing LGBT romance. It's the place to connect with old friends and find family you didn't know you had for a one-of-a-kind, must-attend gathering of dynamic, informal, and diverse fun.

Where I talk to people online about all the things.

The Bare Inkslinger

October 16, 2023

That Boy Needs A Monster
Letting go of shame, embracing queerness, finding joy in horror and maybe 
posting a little thirst trap on The Bare Inkslinger blog.

Wrote Podcast

May 26, 2023

Christian Baines delights us with his latest novel, My Cat’s Guide to Online Dating. It’s dark, it’s sexy, and it plays in the shadows of mythology. Then Baz and Vance rate and review a Hollywood classic, Desert Fury, and close by sharing who won their weeks!

Page Break with Eliot Parker

May 3, 2023

On this episode, author Christian Baines takes a page break to talk about his latest book MY CATS GUIDE TO ONLINE DATING.

Q&A with Trode Publications

Feb 10, 2023

The delightful Benoit Chartier puts me on the spot to talk dark fantasy, writing practice, and My Cat's Guide to Online Dating.

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