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  • Christian Baines

Pre-Order My Cat's Guide to Online Dating NOW

The online dating scene got you down to the point you think your cat could do better? Ever thought about letting them vet your dates for you? Oops, bad word! But MY CAT'S GUIDE TO ONLINE DATING is available to pre-order now from Queer Mojo and Rebel Satori Press.

When an old enemy turned hot hookup falls to his death, the deeply closeted Zach turns to the only true friend he’s ever known—his cat, Grace Jones, in this wicked horror comedy told over six hook-ups.

"A wild ride. Dark, disturbing, and that's just the cat!" - 'Nathan Burgoine, author of Exit Plans for Teenage Freaks.

Keep checking back for reading and signing dates, which I'm delighted will start in Sydney, Australia at Authors at the Pub, a FREE event presented as part of Sydney WorldPride, Pride Amplified.

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