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Eric Andrews-Katz - Flash Friday Q&A

Updated: Jul 5, 2022

My guest this week is the always delightfully outspoken Eric Andrews-Katz. Eric has written a fistful of short stories published across a range of anthologies, and is known for the tongue-in-cheek Buck 98 adventures, his most recent novel Tartarus, which I've showcased before on this blog, and for being the property of the North West Devil Baby. Welcome Eric!

Tartarus is a great use of Greek mythology in a contemporary setting. What's the appeal of that mythology for you? What drew you to it?

Greek mythology has always been a part of my life. My first cognitive memory is of the god Pan. I recall his face hovering over me, even before my parents.

At age five, I remember the child's classic Daulaire's Book of Greek Mythology being read and reread.

You're known for interviews with fellow LGBTQ authors. What's your favourite question to ask?

I always start my interviews with the same question: "Who were your earliest influences?" It is always a different answer. Some people answer with a celebrity influence.

Others answer with a family member, or a teacher, someone they knew, and that makes it even more personal. In over 18 years, I've never had any two people give the same answer.

How has your writing changed in the last five years?

I hope it has! I think it's the ideal of every author to have their writing change. Mine has branched out into different genres. I think I have tightened my style of writing a little bit more. I don't use overly flowery descriptions so much, and have realized it is ok to write a book and not try to write 'literature'.

What's the most difficult emotion for you to tap into and express when you're writing?

I was once told that when I write comedy, I have a pleasant tone and people enjoy the work. I was also told that when I write seriously, I have a noticeably strong voice that people immediately (can) identify with when they read it. I think that comedy is harder. Everyone has a different perspective on what comedy is, and it can be very difficult to translate the details of a comedy scene, or even the set up of one, into the written word. I admire those that do it well.

Which god (or titan) of the Greek Pantheon would make the best dinner guest?

Without hesitation: PAN! The dinner may be alright, but the dessert and entertainment would be stellar and unforgettable.

Tartarus by Eric Andrews-Katz is now available from Bold Strokes Books.

Eric Andrews-Katz was born in New York. When he was twelve, his family moved to Florida without asking. Eventually, he studied creative writing at USF before attending the Florida School of Massage. Eric moved to Seattle in 1994 and started a successful business (The Massage Guy™). Eric's work can be found in numerous anthologies and made him a finalist in the Saints & Sinners: New Fiction from the Festival anthologies twice (2014, 2015). He writes interviews/reviews for the Seattle Gay News. His novels include the Agent Buck 98 series (The Jesus Injection, Balls & Chain) and Tartarus.

Find Eric on Facebook and Goodreads.

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