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  • Christian Baines


Hey everyone. While I'm not a huge blogger, I decided it was way past time to bring my blog over to my main site, so I thought I'd kick that off with my current series of recommended reads for physical distancing and isolation.

I hope you're all keep yourselves and loved ones safe in this difficult time. If you want to distract yourself with some great reads, I'm going to take the chance over the next few days to showcase some of my favourite LGBTQ and queer-inclusive Urban Fantasy and Horror books from the last few years, starting with the fabulous 'Nathan Burgoine's TRIAD BLOOD. If you haven’t discovered the wonderful, sometimes whimsical world of ‘Nathan Burgoine yet, definitely take the time to remedy that as soon as possible. Triad Blood brings a vampire, a daemon, and a wizard together into one coterie, diving into the dark mean streets of… Ottawa? You’ll be glad you just went with it. Buy Triad Blood here from Bold Strokes Books.

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